kitchen tips: celery tops.

so there you are, taking the newly purchased celery out of the bag, washing it up, trimming it up, placing the cut spears in water so it's ready on hand to reach for instead of that decadent wedge of chocolate cake calling your name. {what - you don't need blockers too?}
now you are cleaning up and preparing to toss out those lovely leafy tops.


those tops are gorgeous and filled with tons and tons of flavour!
they are so beautiful diced up and tossed into your chicken, tuna or egg salad. or chucked into a nearly finished sizzling stir-fry.
not only are they delicious but they add texture and dimension to your dish. ANOTHER sight element.
{what - you don't look for that too?}
{hhmm...am i weird?}

so next time you are preparing - prep these too! they are wonderful and unexpected.

trust me.
{i am only trying to help...not make you crazy like me.}

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