a crowd pleaser. {apple + pork sausage rolls.}

yesterday i let you all in on our apple orchard adventure.

today i am going to let you in on one of our apple cooking adventures.
so of course i made this...so good with roast pork and chicken!
but this year i also wanted to make something else.
something savory as well.
plus i wanted it to be something achievable.
easy yet complex enough that you will get a couple stunned "you made this?!".
i'm looking out for you and want YOU to be the star of your kitchen - not Schneider's.

i love sausage rolls.
yeah i know - moments on the lips, lifetime on the hips.
but....nothing beats a good sausage roll!
i used to make these at the bakery and they were sold even before they cooled down and were put out.
people would come to wait for them. no joke.
it was to the point we were going to close the bakery and just sell sausage rolls!! ha! not because my bakery items were the pits - no no - these were just less time consuming and you can freeze them baked or un-baked! strictly sausage rolls we were calling it.

but i never made them like this..till now.
and now i don't know if i can make them any other way! {the fun part will be finding out though! love food testing...and my husband does too!}

the combination of the fresh herbs with the sauteed apples and barely heated shredded onions is such a mouth explosion that i cannot do it justice here - you have to try it to believe it.
combined with cold beer shots and a vinegary apple slaw, this is fall heaven.
and experiment with mustards...do you know how many different kinds there are out there?! buy a couple and try them out and find your favorite - what a perfect excuse to eat sausage rolls!!

are you going to make these tonight? can i come over?

apple & pork sausage rolls.
yes my recipe here calls for bought puff pastry. it's a pain to make and i am helping you be a kitchen star & enjoy your life + cooking, not stress you out. also don't let puff pastry scare you off - it's easy to use and does impress! simple elegance!

1 sheet {roll} puff pastry, thawed overnight in the fridge {this is found in the freezer aisle by the pie shells and usually comes in a package of two rolls. i will show you what to do with the second roll tomorrow!}
3/4 pound of pork sausage meat, casings removed - i used a garlic honey sausage available here but something also like sweet italian {which is never available in my neck of the woods} would work as well. you could use chicken sausage too if you have it.
1 tbsp canola oil
1 crisp apple, peeled, cored and diced - i used a lobo cooking apple.
1/2 medium onion, shredded
1 tsp diced fresh rosemary
1 tsp diced fresh thyme
kosher salt and pepper
1 egg, slightly beaten {for the egg wash}

preheat oven to 425F degrees.
pull out a cookie sheet and place a piece of parchment on top.
remove your sausage from their casings and place in a large bowl.

peel, core and dice your apple. shred your onion.
heat a medium frying pan over medium heat and add oil. add your apples to the pan and sautee till soft and a little caramel coloured. add onions and sautee for about one minute. remove from heat and let cool slightly - you don't want to cook your pork.
chop your herbs and add to sausage. sprinkle a little salt and about 5 to 10 grind of pepper over your mix {if you know your sausage and you find it salty enough already do not add anymore - remember this is your dish. i love pepper so i will always add more.}
once your apple mix has cooled down a bit {but can still be warm} add to the sausage mix and mix it up together - forks or fingers are the best for this!
get your pastry out of the fridge {this has to stay cold till the last possible moment!} unwrap and layout flat. slice the pastry in two lengthwise . divide the sausage mix in two and place each on one half of your pastry - running the length of it shaped like a sausage, placed slightly off center. wrap your shorter side over the sausage mix, then roll it over till the mix if full in cased in the pastry {still with me here?}. if the other side does not come over pull the edges to create the seal - you do not want any sausage falling out the bottom.
once you have closed up your rolls stand back and take a look at it - does it look too full at one end? lumpy? gently squeeze the roll to sort this out - make it more uniform. repeat with second piece of pastry and rest of mix. 
with a sharpe {!} knife cut the long roll into 3's, place on your prepared cookie sheet seam side down and paint with your egg wash {crack an egg in a bowl and beat slightly. taking a pastry brush "paint" your sausage roll. this is how you get the beautiful golden crust.}
place in a pre heated oven for 25 minutes or until your pastry is golden on top.
cool slightly and serve!
* you can freeze these un-baked - just do not egg wash them and when you want to use them allow them to thaw slightly on the pan, egg wash and bake! but if you have thawed out your sausage to make these do not re-freeze!! did i have to tell you that?
you can freeze them cooked as well. just thaw and re-heat in a 350F degree oven for about 20 minutes - or use your judgement.

**another version: cut your sheet of pastry in equal four squares. divide your mix in four, place some on each square, fold one corner to one corner - creating a triangle - "pinch" the sides together by pressing down with the tines of a fork, cut two small slits in the top of each {vents}, paint with egg wash and bake. sausage pockets!!

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