preparing the feast. {rosemary roasted potatoes}

for about two months now cooper has been asking me to make a feast.
an all-out-no-holds-barred all-the-trimmings feast. every time he sees one on tv he calls me in, points and says "that. i want you to make that."
in july i said no.
in august i said no. it was still too hot! no way was i having the oven on all day.
now it's september and since canadian thanksgiving is coming up in a week {yikes!!} the airwaves have been loaded with commercials to get us in the spirit and my reasons for no are wearing thin.

so...we are making a feast!!

so for the next week, in honour of thanksgiving coming up, i am going to run through our families favorite recipes and share them with you so in turn you will be inspired to create your own feast and maybe some of our favorites with wander onto your table. what a compliment that would be.

a side note: i will not be making a turkey - we make ham around here and usually a spiral ham. just thought i would be up front about this with all of you, to spare you the disappointment of waiting for that post to come. the reason: i can't eat it. my body does not like it - i say that i am allergic to it because then i don't get stares like i am trying to be difficult - if i ate it you would see me for about 5 hours. i would be in the "office." because of this everyone is deprived.
too personal?

first up: potatoes. rosemary roasted potatoes to be exact.

rosemary roasted potatoes.
i love roasted vegetables. love them. but i always seem to botch the onions. then i thought of something genius - add the onions half way through the cooking time! glad i though of that.

extra virgin olive oil
yukon gold potatoes
fresh rosemary
onions {anything but red}
kosher salt
cracked black pepper

pre-heat your oven to 400F degrees.

drizzle some oil in a 9x13 glass casserole dish or a half sheet pan. wash your potatoes & chop them up till they are about 1 to 2 inches big {bite size or just bigger}. add to your casserole dish. chop up your rosemary - i like to use a fair amount, use your judgement - and toss on top of the potatoes. drizzle olive oil over the potatoes and sprinkle salt and cracked pepper. toss together with your clean hands. put in oven.

cut your onion in half then slice in four. toss in a bowl with a little oil and some more pepper and salt. after 20 minutes remove potatoes from oven. add onions to pan then, using a spatula, toss around your potatoes so they will brown on all sides and get mixed up with the onion. put back in oven for about 20 to 25 minutes.

just realized how much i used the word toss up there - fitting word but maybe i should invest in a thesaurus...

top photo courtesy of martha stewart

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