christmas truffles.

growing up we always indulged in holiday baking {kind of hard not to when your dad owns restaurants and your mom is a caterer}. there were points where the kitchen counter could not be seen for the abundance of ingredients and one would wonder how such delicacies could be created from such chaos.

fast forward 15 years and not much has changed. we still create an abundance of baking every year. we still create in chaos. sometimes the ingredients change with the times, the trends, the market. but some classics stick with us...these are such gems.

i remember absentmindedly scooping, rolling, dipping and placing trays and trays of these as we all gathered around the kitchen counter and gabbed about the goings ons - who was going out with who, who was fighting with who, who wanted to do what, who wanted what for christmas....you know - teenage stuff. and through all this, before you knew it, trays of these truffles had been made and no one really remember how we got from point A to point B. they were then wrapped up in cellophane or placed in pretty boxes and put in the fridge for when the occasion deemed them necessary. or they were eaten on the spot while the conversation between mother and daughters continued....that special moment when the walls were dropped, conflict left the building and laughter was let in.

this year i decided to add these to our givings as they are so simple and yet so special at the same time. i can't wait till the day i can have that same experience with my kids.

that's the magic of christmas.

chocolate truffles.
one recipe chocolate ganache - well chilled
a baking tray covered with parchment
a glass of warm water
a melon baller, optional, or teaspoon toppings, any of the following:
icing sugar
finely chopped toasted nuts
toasted coconut

create one recipe of my chocolate ganache. make sure it is well chilled. in small bowls place desired toppings - one with icing sugar, one with cocoa, one with toasted coconut etc... . with your melon baller or a teaspoon, which has been dipped in your glass of warm water, scoop out a small ball of the ganache {about the size of a quarter maybe a little bigger - one bite}, roll it between your hands to create a smooth ball, put in the bowl of your choice, coat with topping, remove with a fork - by lifting it out not spearing it - place on tray and repeat. **icing sugar balls need two dips - i have found the first layer tends to get soaked up by the chocolate. once all the ganache is used, place your trays in the fridge to firm up the truffles. keep refrigerated until ready to use - remove from fridge 30 minutes before serving.

**if you notice that your chocolate is getting too soft during the balling stage, place your bowl back in the fridge and run your hands under cold water. wait about 5 minutes and the resume.

**to toast coconut: pre-heat your oven to about 300. place your coconut on a tray or cake pan. place in the oven for no longer than 5 mins {maybe shorted depending on your oven}. toss and let cool.

**for the nuts do the same at the coconut just have your temperature at 350.

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