one has to post about chocolate at christmas.

sooo...the other day i went to my trusty food log here on the good old blog only to see that i did not have chocolate ganache listed! how can that be?? i was shocked so i decided to do something about it.

make this today or tomorrow and check back on friday...i'm going to show you what to do with it!

what would christmas be without a chocolate post?

chocolate ganache
8 oz good quality semi-sweet, milk or dark chocolate
1 cup of whipping/heavy cream
peppermint or orange extract {optional}

chop up your chocolate into fairly small pieces. place in a heatproof bowl. heat your cream on the stove until just boiling {tip: do not put on heat and then go outside to perfect your photography skills for said post...just saying} pour hot cream over chopped chocolate, let sit for one minute then, starting in the center, stir cream into chocolate till shiny and smooth and no more cream in visible. **if using extract now would be the time to add it - i would start with 1/4 teaspoon at a time and do it to taste...peppermint extract is super strong, i don't remember about the orange. to be on the safe side taste as you go! set aside and let cool till firm. {you can stick it in the fridge just let it get set out in room temp, cover with plastic wrap making sure the wrap is right on the chocolate mix then chill till needed.}

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Living on Love said...

Ooohh I like the idea of adding peppermint or orange! Cherry would be good too! YUM