christmas shortbread made in january and not eaten as one would expect it to be.

at christmas time there were grand plans. days were to be set aside for baking. enjoying . merriment. in reality though the days were spent shopping, finally getting the decorations up, caring for those who were puking. one little girl finally decided on the 23rd what her wish might be - 7 stores were then combed on christmas eve for said gift only for the wrong thing to be bought and since returned and a newer shiner version will be bought as a collaboration for christmas AND her birthday. so this being said not all good plans are done...is that the saying? i can't remember. who cares.
this year christmas came too fast and too furious. before we knew it - it was over.
{i still haven't sent out my cards...epic fail!}

since those days of cheer i have had a lump of dough staring me in the face everyday tauting me - what's going on here? are you going to make me or what?

then came one morning as breakfast was being made where enough was enough. i was tired of feeling like the christmas failure in where the only treats consumed over the holidays were store bought. this house was going to smell like christmas dammit...even though christmas was over weeks ago. the oven was cranked, the dough pulled out and tony looked at me puzzled "you're baking?" yes. in the middle of everything this was going to happen.
by hook or by crook.

they were made, cooled, sliced, photographed and devored. not like you would expect - settled with a mug of something hot for dipping, a nice conversaion or just watching the snowflakes silently fall. slowly. delicately. with care and thought.


they were scoffed down amidst the screaming. crying. pandemonium of everyday.

but they were delicious. i long for more.

maybe today is a good day for more.....

this recipe was written down and placed in my binder cookbook so i really do not know where i got it from. i am not going to claim it as mine but i can't give credit either. but it's delicious..trust me. 

1 cup unsalted butter, room temp + a little extra for your pan
2 cups all purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon of salt
1/2 cup sugar {you could use icing sugar as well.}

pre-heat oven to 325F degrees. butter a 8 or 9 inch round or square cake pan. set aside.
sift together the flour and salt.
in your electric mixer cream butter until light and fluffy. add sugar and beat together for about 3 minutes. scrape down side, beat another minute, scrapes down sides again {i know i know, enough with the scraping!} and add flour mix, pulsing till incorporated as to not fling flour everywhere!! {i am NOT speaking from experience here...this is just a tip.} halfway through give the bowl a scrape and beat together a few minutes more till it holds together once squeezed.

press your dough into prepared pan, score into wedges and prick it all over with a fork. this is delicate, do not picture your bosses face or react to your kids constant screaming.....poor dough.

bake until firm in the middle and slightly brown around the edges - about 50 minutes. be your own judge - it may take longer depending on the oven. once done place on wire cooling rack till cool, pop it out of the pan, cut it into wedges and please eat it properly. do not do as we do.


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