down on paper. official.

as i mentioned before this is a year of goals for me.
i am going to set out 12 goals per month to tackle and hopefully by creating an "official" list i will adhear to the program.
this is NOT a to-do list.
i have one of those for everyday. this is more of a month list. a list to get me motivated to FINALLY check things off and get things done.
i am quite excited.

{i am also quite proud of myself for figuring out how to do the above collage. very worthy of a pat on the back!}

back to the list.
now, of course, i don't think i am going to get to everything on the list but by having the list in front of me i will see what it is I WANT to have done and will stop monkeying off and doing other things.
like this morning when i was clearing out the basement storage room and rather ruthlessly throwing things away...i don't see that ANYWHERE on the list.
you get my point...except that that had to be done and maybe it not being on the list was a slight oversight. oops.

also i want to point out that the list you see is not entirely accurate as during the first few days of january TWO things were crossed off the list already and when i went to make this list from the master list {you should see that one! ha!} my eye passed over them as they were crossed off. but...i did want to put them on here and have to ability to already cross some red through them to show off just a little. yep i did. oh well.
by the way...they were: that tony {with a little help from me} installed the TWO new light fixtures i had ordered about 4 months ago that were a little slow coming to our house but have both been here for about two months - they look so good and we love the living room one so much that we are going to get the same for the dining room...to tie the space together...our main floor is basically one giant room.
and the other was that i ordered the book i want...but more about that one later.

i also want to point out that this list has many layers. many stinky oniony layers. some months are going to be more do this, do that. some are going to be feel this, watch that, be that. some months more sappy and life-planning than others. some more tim-the-tool-man than the one before. the point is it's for me. for what i want to do that month. {there's that word again - great word!}

so there you have it. a big list. a big list to keep me on track for what i want accomplished month to month. that is after the daily to-do list is done.

*there are not enough hours in the day.


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