big plans for february.

here we are...february - already??!! what?!
my goodness this life has been going fast and furious lately.

off topic here but i had a run in with a little thing called a minute yesterday and it really got me to thinking. our lives are regulated by the concept of a minute. almost everything is recorded in them. out lives are all determined by minutes. how on one hand a minute could pass in the blink of an eye and yet on the other hand if you really embrace the minute you would be surprised at how much you can actually get accomplished in that time frame. take the superbowl last night - how they huddle, talk it out, get in to formation and if you watch the clock the whole time you will notice that only about 30 seconds went by {sometimes not even that long!} and then run the play - all in the span of a minute! then you could be driving and you may think it would take you 5 minutes to get somewhere and when you see it took you 10, you are shocked.

this came to me last night as i was doing cooper's ears {we have such ear wax problems around here!} and he has to have to cotton in for 2 minutes. i went to my room, changed, was watching the clock and actually found myself standing there WATCHING the clock amazed it hadn't turned yet. is a minute really that long? i thought to myself. wow.

anyways back to the matter at hand....
get to it.

here we go. i mapped out more goals for this month. i paired my list down somewhat after trying to keep up with the ambitious list i set out for myself in january. now there is something you have to remember about these goals...these are things i WANT to do, not things i HAVE to do. not having these done does not effect our day to day life. these are the gravy after all my life to-do's are done. this is the fun stuff. some of these might not seem fun to you but i am quite excited about them.

as you might notice some goals that appeared last month that did not get done are not on the list this month and there is a very good reason for that. we are having a no-spend month. this month i am not going to spend any extra above our basic needs and for gas. am an anticipating some high heating bills and since i like to stay in our monthly budget some projects have to be put off till next month or the one after. now it's not like i am putting off things that are going to make us suffer - that would not fit into this category. i took off buy aydan a new dresser because even though her's is a little small for the clothes she has now...8 year old clothes are larger than 5 year old clothes...her's does work. and i took off living room drapes because even though i have the material for the drapes i don't have the rods and there are blinds on the windows so we are not suffering.  and i can still make the drapes i just took off the pressure for it. catch my drift?
so that's why there are some things missing - not carried over.
plus i have supplies for so many projects around here already...let's face it, shopping for the project is the fun part!...so this will force me to use what we already have and get those out of the way. see? thinking ahead here.

i did notice i forgot one thing that i would LIKE to have done my month's end just for peace of mind...get our taxes ready. this is always a thorn in my side and i started doing them weekly at the beginning of 2012 so they wouldn't pile up and then...i let them pile up.

but i am going to be one happy mama if they do get done. if all the list get's done.
finger's crossed.

ps: two off the list are already done!! yipee!!! bang-a-rang start to february! and i dropped the weekend budget in half the first weekend out, not bad, but i bet i can do better next weekend!
and check out my valentines themed list. pretty snazzy, eh?? 

 all the goal lists can be found here.

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