creating amazing leftovers. {beef dip.}

i envy someone who has that magic touch with a roast. i get beyond confused, convoluted and then the only thing redeemable about the dinner are the side dishes and the gravy.
i am hopeless.

i made a great roast once but then lost the magazine with the recipe - instructions is more like it - and couldn't find it anywhere in print or cyber space.
i was counseled many a time on this and told all the secrets: push slivers of garlic into the roast {still haven't got that right} mixture of x, y, and z on the outside, sear, don't sear. it just never turned out right.
except for that one time.....well we can't dwell on that.

but i am not one to back down from a challenge.

there was a great sale on prime rib at the local METRO and i went for it. i couldn't not! it's like when you can't leave the store without those pants that didn't quite fit you right but they were 70% off and if you were just to lose a little weight maybe they would look great and you can't pass up a deal like this! that's how i am with a sale on food. that's why we have three freezers full plus i made half of the downstairs bathroom into a pantry. that's why i have banned myself from buying more than fresh and the everyday items we have run out of. WE HAVE TO DEPLETE OUR RESERVES!!! wait...what was i talking about again?

ah yes....the trouble with roasts.

so here i am facing this amazing little roast and my pulse quickens and my heart says yes. yes get it. you can do it.

so with a little help from martha i was able to get a pretty spectacular roast on the table.
it was a proud moment. and with that i got my roast recipe and it's perfect. check!
and...aydan ate some!!!! we had a talk with her and convinced her that all roast was was a hamburger before it was ground up and made into a hamburger. with a side of ketchup she reluctantly tried some - i think just to get us off her backs and then i think she had another plan in mind - but little did SHE know that she would actually like it, let a smile cross her lips, mutter yum and gobble it all up.
new dinner for the WHOLE family to eat.
a mom-makes-one-dinner-only night - double check!

i also did martha's humongous yorkshire recipe - now that was a sight to behold! - and of course the sauce made just as the recipe states.
**next time i am going to reduce the salt by half for the roast and also make the yorkshires in a muffin tin straight after the roast comes out but i will talk to you about that later.

but it was what i did the day after that had us all talking.
it was what i did the day after that made me wished i had made two roasts.

i had a recipe in mind, forgot half of it at the store, so i winged.
so happy with it. and one i can call all mine.
may be my new favorite!

juicy beef dip.
leftover sliced roast beef.
one cibatta bun per person
horseradish {optional}
one small can of consume
1/3 cup of leftover roast gravy {from martha's recipe.}

pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.
slice your buns, spread with horseradish on one side if using, and lay your desired amount of beef inside {photo above is not just for your eyes only - that was my size}. make all your sandwiches, place them in a casserole dish - you want them in there snug but not squished so use what size you think necessary - cover tightly with foil and bake for about 20 minutes.
meanwhile make your dip. pour together your can of consume and your reserved roast gravy. bring to a boil, reduce and simmer for about 2 minutes to really get the flavours together.
after 20 minutes remove dish from oven and check on your buns. you want them to be soft but a little toasty and hot. if you are satisfied take them out - if not, put them back in for 5 minute increments till the desired effect it reached.
pour dip into small bowls, place on plates, add sandwiches and enjoy!

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