big plans for march.

when am i ever going to learn? i can't seem to pair down my to-do's, my wants, my projects and this month is no exception. look at what i have laid out of myself? and i even took a couple of things off! as you will notice there are some repeat offenders up there plus some new ones that are in-accordance with the season. busy. busy. busy.

i always think of that quote from empire records "there are twenty-four usable hours in everyday...". well she was on speed and i am clearly not. so i have to adhere to the 6 or so hours i have to possibly get done what i WANT. and i am not talking a 6 hour stretch of time..no...this is broken up over the 18 hours i am awake doing everything for everyone else.
here's hoping i carve out some time and get my "on top of everything else" tasks done.

finger's crossed.

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