may goals.

here we are. another month. another list.
yes i know we are half way done the month. better late then never i always say! {and those of you who just received a christmas card from me know that's the truth! the rest of you don't worry - it's on it's way!!}
my list is a little different from when the month started as we are now not in a panic to sell our house so i have removed a few key items that will be peppered in as we go along {paint the bathroom and the hall, change out some doors, paint the bedroom, some new light fixtures etc...}.
to me this months list is now more fun than to-do.
i am feeling in a fun mood this month!

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Lisa said...

I love how fun your lists are....so much better than mine, in my icky handwriting in straight lines. And I can't believe you've never made an apple pie!! Can't wait to hear how it turns out.