project: december daily pages 14 - 25/end

Here is the second installment of pages that are going to be used for the epic project of the december daily. I have been under the weather for 6 days now so that is the reason for the delay (not like anybody reads this anyways!). Here are the layouts for the 14th to the end. The big project commences tomorrow! Am I ready?? We'll see!!

day 14 - neutral green card stock to offset the wonderful pop of colour from the candy strips. every jot and title number tag.

Day 15 - really neat graph paper with red stitching and the words merry & bright across the bottom.  number tag from pretty little studios

day 16 - wonderfully festive large playing card pronouncing the date - 16th. plain cream card stock behind.

day 17 - large number 17 on snowflake paper with green card stock behind. this page marks the arival of the husband's sister and husband.

day 18 - cover is green card stock with the pattern of christmas lights inside. these were 2 12x12 pages that i trimmed down to 8 3/4 in height and folded over to create fold out pages. we are going to get our christmas tree this day and i knew from years past that lots of space is needed. number tag from pretty little studios

day 19 - green velvet polka dot paper with a hambly overlay on top. i wanted this page to be slightly glam as we are going to visit with santa today. love that the overlay has a picture frame motif. hopefully one child can get in there.

day 20 - large festive 20 card on top of the fabulous golden music sheet.

day 21 - golden overlay on cream card stock. no number yet.

day 22 - number paper with number 22 in the perfect spot to the right. i think a red ribbon tag above it would be splendid. 'tis the night for making truffles! yum!

day 23 - a large picture here would fit the bill and we plan on making graham cracker gingerbread houses tonight.

day 24 - christmas eve! nest caroling paper with some snowflakes stitched on and the c is for christmas tag. this will most likely get another fold out page but we will let thee day tell the story. number tag from pretty little studios

day 25 - christmas!! felt glitter overlay page with a tab that says "merry christmas". i wonder how this page will turn out?!

the rest - back of the previous page and front of back cover. this will have the case for the movie plus there is to be a whole other section in here - "26th to 31st" and "christmas cookbook".

back cover - mimics the front cover for consistancy.

loved the stamp on the cardstock! i added the "me". cause it does belong to me!

my treasure trove! all my goodies in one place or easy access to decorate my book with and to help tell our story.

well there it is! ready to go and document our christmas of 2010! it will probably get changed up as the process get's going but i am glad that i got a base together - will make wrapping my head around the whole project easier. hope you join along with us! have you made your album yet?

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