project: december daily.

** this is a photo of our 2008 december daily.

Christmas comes but once a year. It is to be savored, relished and cherished. To be invited in as an old familiar friend, asked to stay awhile and when it parts it is waved goodbye happily; knowing it is to return again.

It is for this reason I love to document this time of year. For this family Christmas is not only a one day affair. It is a celebration that spans the whole month full of festive activities, outings and baking to commemorate the holiday.

3 Christmas's ago I stumbled upon this project over at Ali Edward's blog and was completely instantly hooked.

There seems to be an epidemic going on in the world called scrapbooking - the need to document one's life using beautiful paper, journaling from the heart and exquisite little embellishments. I was slowly dipping my toe in the pond of this craze when I found this project and hook, line, sinker. I still have yet to do a large 12x12 spread or big album but I love these mini books. I think it's the intimacy of them that I find appealing.

For this one in particular you document your holiday season day by day. People start and finish on different days (there really are no rules) but for us it starts on December 1st and ends when I feel the holiday is over. In 2008 we went to the 27th and in 2009 we went to the 26th.

This year we are doing something a little different - a mini book within the mini book called Dec.26 to Dec.31 - it will be just random photo's from those days and some journaling, very rustic. Also I am going to include another feature, an index if you may - a section at the back called "Christmas Cookbook". It will be full of all the recipe's showcased throughout the book. A handy reference for years to come.

Also I have decided to share this project "adventure" with you and this will also help me to stay on track and finish (I am still working on my other two - finishing touches!). I'm going to create a section in the top navigation bar just for this project.

Hopefully you will enjoy our Christmas as much as we do! 

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This is a wonderful post!! I liked how you stated your reason for following Ali along. I too have been doing this since shee first brought this idea out--I just love her style. I even have made some and album for the whole month.
Hopefully you will show us more of your album--would love to see!!