project: december daily. december 9.

Welcome to day 9.

Big day around here. Big spread for the book. I will be adding my loving post from my blog (inspired by Ali Edwards) but I have not got there yet and I didn't want that to hold be back (will update soon!)

A festive bag of chocolate crackles to the kind neighbour across the street who came over and snowblowed our driveway and saved the husband hours of work.

Art that Aydan brought home from school today.

 Today's project was Felt Stockings. The kids each got a bucket of "goodies", I slapped on the glue and away they went! I think they turned out rather fabulous! They have been cruising around the house finding themselves in new places everyday - love it! So festive!

Cooper so proud of himself that he put his PJ's on all by himself!! He really was beaming - so cute to witness.

We also read the book "Hurry Santa" at bedtime and got startled by a few out of place animals. Made for some very wonderful giggles and a truly magical moment. Tis the season!

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