project: salt dough ornaments.

holiday mementos. family heirlooms. priceless projects.

this holiday season i would like to do crafts that are timeless and ones that can speak to us later in life. ones we want to keep and reflect on. to pull out and say "remember when...". this one speaks to me like this.

what a fun project! easy dough, easy to work with and easy to create. the three e's. easy, easy, easy.

we had fun doing this. the kids all picked out their cutters and using these instructions from kaboose.com we created the dough and followed the instructions. i doubled the recipe to get enough for the kids and used lots of kinds of cutters - not just star and tree. then we broke out all our colours and voila! instant decorations and memories for a long time.

i'm hoping to get a few more of these projects under our belts before the season is over and maybe next year splurge on a tree that is for the kids only and that is to be decorated solely with these types of decorations - a craft tree. how neat!

how they look fresh from the oven!

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