january 1st. long list of to do's. one crossed off that day. sigh of relief.

on january first christmas gets put away - no matter what (one year i was SO hungover but it had to be done!). the opportunity to clear out and organize the storage room was taken at this moment as well. if the decorations were going to be put back into this space would it be better if they had a reserved spot and not just be gently "tossed" in? secretly i was quite excited to do this - to get my hands dirty, have a sense of accomplishment, write out a BIG check mark.

we moved out east in april and this room became a sort of dumping ground - the place where things that really had no place called home. (also when we moved in the previous owners had left the garage packed to the rafters so all things designated for there got put in the storage room till they came to collected their belongings and things never got back there as planned.) you had to navigate yourself sideways to make sense of the room and move this & that to find your desired treasure. between things like bankers boxes filled with tax papers, hockey equipment, books, memory boxes and all seasonal decorations the room was a real adventure.

that is no more. when the flyer came in the mail with the sale on $20 shelves i pounced on it got myself a couple and the transformation was underway. I have also turned the basement bathroom into a pantry of sorts which houses extra food, art supplies and my overflow of kitchen equipment (the types that you don't necessarily need at your fingertips). I took this time as an opportunity to also shift things around in this room and evaluated what is needed or not to make it more user friendly.

"de-clutter" has been a word that is being seen floating around this blog and that one and has been embedded into my thinking as well. i dug through the boxes of "empty" christmas decorations and examined what was not chosen this year. i decided out of these which to throw out and what to give away because if i did not use them this year chances are they are not going out the next so why hang on to them? i moved all the empty but usable boxes to the nook under the stairs for safe keeping and accessibility. also found was a box of childrens clothes that will be donated, things that were broken that will be thrown out and forgotten toys that will make their way back into rotation. all in all it was a good day and now you can go in, have a quick scan for what you need - rather than the big adventure of an all day dig.

an attack was preformed. little resistance. i conquered and was victorious.
the rise and fall of the storage room.
who is going to fall next? i'm thinking the garage and computer room.......

before the attack was taken!

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