loving right now.

loving that aydan took to skating on the weekend and now loves it and has wanted to go out 3 times a day over the weekend.

loving that we have a backyard rink so she can.

loving that we discovered the lake is frozen at our end and we have planned an excursion there for this weekend.

loving the love for the movie "Despicable Me" and that coop calls it "Despicable Meat".

loving that the walls and trim on the first floor are painted and that the blinds went up.

loving that gordon is so gentle with all the kids.

loving my one little word choice for 2011 and the inspiration it has given me.

loving that the kids are old enough for us to take them to disney on ice in march.

loving this project and can't wait to get started.

loving my new slippers.

loving that aydan went back to school today.

**loving this post idea from ali edwards and that it has earned a monthly spot on our roster. thanks ali for the inspiration!

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