on the menu this week.

for this week i am raiding the freezer. nothing good was on sale or offered up any inspiration so i am trying to be creative with what is on hand. easier said than done. i am at a loss and not really enjoying my current selections so this might just be a jumping off point for the week or a permanent nothing-that-great week. oh well - i'm just completely absolutely thankful i have something to put on our table this week!

sunday - full roast dinner. all the trimmings. i use this cook's illustrated technique for the roast - it's a big $9.50 roast!!! lucked out with that!

monday - stir fry with leftover roast.

tuesday - weeknight bolognese from the new ina cookbook.

wednesday - brinner - breakfast dinner! fried eggs, baked beans, homemade hashbrowns, roasted tomatoes and ham. whole wheat pancakes as well for the kids.

thursday - roasted root vegetable soup and homemade garlic buns.

friday - ? I have nothing yet. any suggestions??

saturday - burgers.

that's it! hopefully we will enjoy our week - what are you having?

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Oh how I wish I could plan meals ahead of time. I would saveme so much heartache!!! Too bad I'm limited on how many meals I actually know how to cook!!! LOL

Dearest girl---Happy New Year!!! I wish you nothing but the best for you and your family!!!

PS..I found Reverb 10 from your blog--absolutely loved it!!! I did a mini ablum for the whole month in just a few days!! Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

thank you so much!!
if i don't plan ahead our meals i would spend a mint at the grocery store!! my eyes are bigger than my stomach and my mind is bigger than my fridge!! my cooking skills come from a caterer mother and restauranteur father so i was lucky that way! to expand your repertoire try one recipe a week - you'll be surprised how much you will learn and how much fun cooking actually is!!

Happy New Year to you and yours as well!