simpler times. a little note.

i got a brief note in the mail before christmas from a dear friend i left behind on the westcoast - home. in the note she stated how she wanted to write me a longer note but life took over and all she could do was a short note with a hope of a call soon to catch up. we left almost 10 months ago and still have yet to have that phone call.

wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to have the time to take pen in hand, have beautiful letter head paper in front of you and construct a letter? to transport yourself back to a simpler time when such practices were the norm? (although it did seem like they had their own set of major problems).

but now a days a quick email or text (ugh!) is all we seem to be able to muster with the busy lives and schedules we all seem to heap on ourselves. not even phone calls - cause that requires a commitment of time and who has that to give up!!

so think about it - when was the last time you indulged in a phone call, writing a letter or even coffee with friends? for me a long long time. how about you?

maybe i should get started on that letter........

we have lived here for almost 10 months - again am i ever going to refer to here as home?

(the original of this post was written in my notebook in november. that sure took long!)

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