an observation.

i popped into walmart yesterday, while the crew went sledding, to pick up a 1tb hard drive on sale for $90 - yes only $90!! while there i ventured back to the seasonal department and all things garden/lounging/planting were in display. what?

i have never seen snowbanks so high, temperatures so cold and i heard this morning that we are to expect 25 cm of snow in the next 36 hours - and we are supposed to be preparing for gardening??

i have to admit that i am a little excited to get out and garden this year as we did so much work last summer that it will be enjoyable to pretty up all our efforts. although i am lacking a little in the weeding discipline - i will totally and completely own up to that.

last summer i was excited to see that vegetables and herbs did actually grow out there and have decided this year to double my efforts - a real cooks garden.

I do think that the stores are getting a bit of a premature jump on the season.......
any thought?
how will your garden grow this spring/summer?

can the art department please come and plant this for me? thank you.

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