project life: week nine.

here we are week nine!!! I'm still saving to get myself he official book but that hasn't stopped me! we had quite the busy week here and TONS of snow!! but now the sun is shinning and i'm hoping for a change! here we go - hope you enjoy because we sure had a blast!

saturday | march 5th  going to a birthday party!

sunday | march 6th  disney on ice.

monday | march 7th  first day of aydan's spring break. when did i become the person that would ever cut the crusts off? swore i would never but when push comes to shove...... and no she didn't eat the apple. *sigh*

tuesday | march 8th  warm up with french toast and sausages for lunch. yum!! that kind of day. played outside all morning then yummy lunch.

wednesday | march 9th  a boy and his castle.

thursday | march 10th  crazy snowstorm. will this ever end????
friday | march 11th  crazy girl and her unique style. last day of spring break!! yeah!

ultimate closet breakdown. this is the before shot - after coming soon.

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