survive the crazy.

stumbled upon this article and boy did it make me think and get inspired. thanks for the link ali - it's a great philosophy.
It’s amazing how big a difference a little thing can make. Starting your day mindfully with some tea, for example, can change your entire day. Clearing your desk will make your work day amazing. A smile from a loved one can mean the world.
And when these little things are repeated daily, and formed into habits, their benefits increase not just by multiples but by exponents.
The little habits can be life-changing.

this really made me think about how hectic we make our lives out to be and how the little habits we form can change our day for the positive. to make your day enjoyable rather than a chore. to help us survive the crazy by being reminded to stop and breath. and knowing that it is okay to do that.

you can read the full article here.

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