new york, yo!

douanes means border crossing in french - didn't know that one.

on last monday, queen victoria day, we hit the road, yo!


having moved to the east coast we have not yet explored the united states of a that are directly below us and i felt that monday was the perfect opportunity to pounce! and we actually did it - i talk a lot about doing things but there is not always follow through.

it was just me and the chickens - the husband hung back to finish his big project (post soon on that - very exciting! hook) - and we were on our way to new york, yo! well plattsburg, new york - same thing right? haha.

yeah not quite.

i had been to new york once as a 17 year old for one day - took in downtown new york and actually saw a show! we took a road trip - 6 girls, one mini-van, vancouver to myrtle beach, 3 1/2 weeks. now that was a road trip. lots of singing, self-discovery and friendship. back when we lived in vancouver we would go to belligham/bellevue/seattle tons and loved that area but had yet to see the eastern states to our "new" south.

the drive wasn't too bad although very windy, the border was a breeze and we got there in good time. the only problem was i had no idea where i was going once i got there!! people keep telling me to go to plattsburg but no one ever gave me directions. eventually we did find the mall but i have to say the deals were few and far between. we had a focus - shoes, party supplies and food. well 1 1/2 out three ain't bad. i got shoes, the husband got shoes but no for the kids. the selection looked like it had been picked over by locusts and only the crap no one likes was there. thumbs down. target was a definite  disappointment -not the neat items i remember it once having and wal-mart really was nothing special -i was looking for items to have at aydan's birthday party but i came up bust - neat little pinwheels, little bags for packaging, different crafting items. we never made it to k-mart and maybe that's where it is all hiding......

had dinner at applebeas - that was new for us. really liked the atmosphere, just like red robin.

we got some neat food items as well - the flavour selection really differs from o'canada - but again the prices weren't really any different. so we didn't come back with as much as i thought but i always love a road trip and everyone was really well behaved - amazed at that. we came back super late (long border, holiday weekend), saw the wonderful finished __________ and fell into bed. maybe we will have more luck in vermont!

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