they changed picture on me again. i'm going to be late.

famous last words. overtime strikes again. this means i get a lazy night. as you can rightly tell i love to cook and bake. passionately. but sometimes after everyone has gone, i just can't bring myself to make a chicken dinner or beautiful roast with all the fixings. if the husband will be home there is no question that a proper meal is in order but if he's not coming and eating at work, i take the night off. on these nights i try to be creative with the kids food to allow myself to enjoy it as well. as we have recently found a liking for cheese pizza i am taking the cue and running with it. here we have a pizza base - one part cheese (aydan), one part cheese & ham (coop) and one part asparagus, chicken & banana peppers (mine).

how do you jazz up a kids meal for to be enjoyed by yourself as well?

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Dotty said...

Dear Jen,

Thanks for your nice comment and for reading My Mommy Bites. Now, can you please save me a piece of that pizza?