they are like peas and carrots.

they have the most awe inspiring imaginative play between the two of them. the games and scenarios they come up with are absolutely amazing.

they absolutely adore each other and are constantly looking to the other for approval.

they will hopefully look back on this time and have memories that will bring a smile to their adult faces.

they are 18 1/2 months apart and that worried me at first but now it's a complete blessing - this year more than others coop is now old enough to join in in aydan's more mature play.

they are a couple of sneaky chickens who giggle insanely with each other when they pull the simplest of pranks.

they love scavenger hunts even when the prize is mini - figuring out all of daddy's rhyming clues is the fun part anyways.

they are lucky to have a best friend in each other and i hope they know that.


Ado said...

I think between the Cadillac, the fab kites, and the homemade popsicle stick people I'd have to choose Mr. and Mrs. Popsicle. (-: So creative!

Jen said...

the cadillac was courtesy of grandma (the husband hates it) the kites costco and the husband created those out of project life reject photos. i like them too - in frames in their rooms now. he's always making things like that - so creative that man of mine.