this weekend.

this weekend started on friday with us hiding in the kitchen for a kitchen picnic party. they really know how to pick up my day.

this weekend was for the husband to work the whole time in town!!

this weekend was a total bust as the rain poured and poured and the planned & sought after gardening was lost.

this weekend was for dabling in woodworking and actually coming out with a product.

this weekend was for ballet, for the whole region to be at costco and then a treat lunch - McD's.

this weekend was for putting miles on the car as the commuter train the husband would have taken into town was down for repairs and we had to drive him half way to the metro.

this weekend was for sneaking in a trip to ikea for we went past there to take the husband in - how can you pass it up?

this weekend was for kids to play in the ikea playland - aydan had been before but coop was sick last time. he was so excited!!

this weekend was for ice cream cones the size of your head.

this weekend was for family movie night on saturday night with popcorn and everything - a christmas carol (new one), what a disappointment. (and i love a christmas carol!)

this weekend had two days!

this weekend was for a boy and his dog. (please dis-regard the state of the room).

this weekend was for finally going to le marche gourmand (the gourmet market) and being lost in what the bakery, fish market and fruit stand it had to offer. i could barely carry all the bags of beautiful fruits and veggies. my two side kicks were little help - they did lighten my load though by generously eating the two chocolate croissants.

this was a weekend for a puddle walk in the rain with the dog and discussing what we are going to do this summer - lots of plans came out of that walk!

this weekend was for doing. although time got away from me and i didn't get as much done as hope there are a few more ticks on my to-do list.

this weekend was for the best quiche i have ever made.

this weekend was for the rain to break for a bit, to drive to the train at dusk and to drive home looking at the most beautiful pink sky.