he is my timid one. once he gets comfortable though - watch out!!

he takes a few more minutes than others.

he loves his dog. he's always telling us that he picked a good one out of the barn.

he is so funny.

he is 4 and a half but the height of a 5 and a half.

he is sweet & kind. (but sometimes his ginger personality does come through...)

he can spell his name. c -oo(fast)- p-e-r and is pretty proud of it.

he got up his guts to ride his big boy bike. he's now hooked and really good at it. as it says on his helmet - burn rubber!!

he is definetly a mama's boy and always has kisses for me - even if the guys are watching.

he is awesome at puzzles and loves imaginative play with his dinosaurs.

hot wheels are king.

he rules.


Amber_D said...

Great pictures! He is a cutie. Love the red hair. I have a four year old son too. Boys are such fun.

Jen said...

thank you amber. they are aren't they? the thing i love the most about him is that he is so gentle - in my experience that's not always the case. thanks for reading!