hockey wife.

 here in this house hockey reigns supreme.

ever since the husband and i got together 8 years ago i have been exposed to hockey. i was exposed growing up but i was under the impression that every team played the oilers and if you won against them you won the series. you see my dad only watched the oilers so i thought this was how it was. since then i am now well versed in the rules, the sides and the rivalries. and ever since i have known him, the husband has played hockey one or two times a week in the winter and sometimes in a summer league as well.

i am a hockey wife.

when the decision was made last winter to move out east one of the first things that escaped the husband's lips was "we can make a hockey rink in the backyard." i have never lived in a place that gets cold enough to created such a beast and of course i was intrigued. i know the thought was in the back of his mind while house hunting and his dreams came true this winter with the construction of the rink. and another milestone was reached when both kids learned to skate on said rink. the hopes are to have coop start next season on a team and having him become comfortable on skates this season lite up the husbands eyes.

and now the unbelievable has happened - the team we cheer for is in the stanley cup! can you believe it? hockey in june! the husband is so excited for this and tonight marks game 1 of (hopefully) 7, if we need it. with this brings horrible for us but real yummy food, late nights (games broadcasted from vancouver are three hours later out here) lots of beer and of course, loads of cheering!!!

i better make sure all our jerseys are clean.....bring it on!!!!

photo courtesy of west coast sports.

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