tough vancouver people.

originally we are from vancouver and i believe that we will always be vancouver people at heart.

and that goes for the weather as well.

right now we are settled on the east coast and there is definitely a difference here in the weather and one i don't know if i will ever become accustom to. the -25 winter threw me for a loop and although we have been enjoying a rather beautiful summer (opposite of the poor westcoast this summer) the days of 30 to 45 degrees with the humidity we felt last week are something as well that may take some getting used to. but today i felt right t home and today also felt like a ghost town. it's on the verge of rainy with a hint of sun, just how i like it.

today is 25 degrees (wonderful!) and overcast but i would still categorize this as beautiful and beach worthy. we are not going to let a little cloud and the threat of rain change our plans and being my official first day of vacation i am not going to miss a minute of it. so i packed everyone in the car and we headed over to the beach for the morning. it was deserted - so much so that i asked in fact if it as open (everything here is monitored, locked up and you have to pay if you are out of city - thankfully we are locals.) and yes it was! we pretty much had the place to ourselves and it was grand. the kids ran in right away and splashed around and had a great time. and to me the weather was perfect - enjoyable.

we stayed our required time, had a snack and headed home.

kids to the beach. check.
great first day to our vacation. check.


Stacy said...

Ha! It took me a minute, while reading this post, to figure out why on earth you were outside when it was only 25-30 degrees out. Aaaah, Canada...celsius. Silly American me. Looks like you are enjoying your summer even with the heat and humidity. :)

Jen said...

hi stacy! yes we are and are thankful for this week to be a little cooler (buy still warmer than vancouver!) so we can get outside and comfortably enjoy it. i always forget about the change - it would have been about 80 degrees. take care!