a day for firsts.

well she has gone and done it.
she has grown up on me.
right before my eyes.
and i feel like i have missed it.

it's going by way to fast. today she flew from the nest and into grade one. yes grade one. i know it sounds like i am talking about a child who has flown the coop to spread her wings in the big wide world but in this little world of ours i feel like that is happening. i know that she will come racing off the bus at 4:10 with tons of stories spilling from her lips about her teacher, friends and such and that she will be too excited to sleep tonight in hopes for the adventure to continue tomorrow and that of late i have been excited for this day to come but now that it is upon us i am a little saddened. the house is a little quieter, the day will be a little slower and i will definitely get more done.

i can guarantee you we will be sitting on the stoop waiting for her, excited to hear all her stories and live her day through her words.

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