happy birthday to me.

today when i open my eyes to the world and look around i will do so from the eyes of a thirty-four year old. wow. how did this happen? how has it all gone by so fast. sometimes i feel like an 18 year playing house then have to realize that no i'm the mom! wow...i'm the mom.

i was talking to a friend the other day telling her of my upcoming birthday and  telling her the plans the 20-year old me had - to concur the film world - and what i had expected of the 34 year old me and how i was going to be such a success by now. and she looked at me without missing a beat and said - you are a success, look at what you made! and she pointed to my chickens. 

yes...i am a success. might not have made it in the film industry but i have made it. my life starring me.

i wonder what today will bring?

photo courtesy of martha stewart.


Ado said...

Happy Birthday! We share the same one! (-: I hope you had a fabulous one worthy of a Leo! (-:

Jen said...

We share the same one?? What are the chances of that! Hope you had a great one too! We went to the Ben and jerry's factory.