in good company.

hello all.

i have some explaining to do. i have been a wee bit absent but it's all for good reason. my mom's here - she came at the last minute last week and we are thrilled! we haven't seen her in a year and we are soaking up as much judy time as we can!!! it's for this reason that i have been absent and will be for some time to come. i will be posting now and again but between her here and aydan starting school soon we are just so busy!!!

we are going to be spending our time soaking in the last rays of summer, gardening, hitting up the waterslides we have heard so much about, canning, baking, cooking, going to the movies, crafting, swimming, antiquing, going to dinner and playing tag in the garden. hope you all have a great last couple of weeks in the summer and i will see you all again regularly when my mom jet's off in a jet plane! (i know you understand!)



Petit a Petit and family said...

Just discovered your blog from blogstar.... And it nice to see someone from "Montreal"... I was just wondering if the caroussel ride is close to Montreal? My kids love to ride them and I don't know of any around here...
Thank you and nice to meet you.

Jen said...

hi! it's nice to "meet" you too! we went to La Ronde last weekend..the big amusement park. my husbands company hosted a family day there. i'll be sure to check out your blog and see what you guys do around here!! need tips myself!

take care and talk soon.

Petit a Petit and family said...

Oh! I haven't been at La Ronde in a long long time! If I can be of any help, let me know... I blog mainly about fashion and design, occasionally if there is something I think is really cool I'll mention it, but my kids are still a little small!