back to school fashion show part deux.....

well today fall decided to show up. it snuck in through the open windows and tickled our faces and toes. with this we were able to wear another outfit from the coveted bag that has sat idlely in the closet as we had the last heat wave of the year i suspect. i am loving the trends for this year - loud bold colours and some beautiful muted greys to mix in and tie it all together. doesn't she look darling?? *sigh* again...where can i get this in my size?

sweater dress: h&m
awesome tights: h&m
maryjanes: george

happy weekend to you all!! be ready to have your taste buds tantilized, your minds racing and maybe some full bellies for some of you...next week is all about food!!!


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Heather@ That Uncomfortable Itch said...

Those tights are so delicious! I've never been to H&M but hear it's full of such treasures. Your daughter is adorable in those color combos.

I have a 9th grader who after being tied to a uniform in her other school is exploring the wonders of Hollister and skinny jeans. Sigh.