a little fashion show.

for back to school this year we hit h&m. gosh i love that store! and what i loved more is that there was a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. and what i loved even more was that we left there with a bursting bag for under $200! they are so affordable it's a wonder we go anywhere else. yes you can get carried away and they have pricier items but it's also nice to know that you can get a lot for a little. they only problem is that the clothes are all really fall type clothes and we seem to be having a bit of a summer hang on here. we keep gazing at the bag wanting to dip in and show off the new threads but it has been too hot! well this week we had a cool day and aydan & me pounced on that bag and this is what we picked. man i wish they had this is my size...right down to the kicks.

can't wait to show off the rest of the threads!

shirt & jeans: H&M
shoes: skechers.

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