my dirty little secret.

i have a secret. a dirty little secret. something i have not really announced to the world - have kept to myself - but some people have actually found out about and have decided to follow me around with it.

i spend my time doing it and am addicted. i really didn't need one more thing to take up my time on the computer, in my day. life - but how can you resist? i have my usual hit list and sometimes i find it trying to connect with those wonderful writers and creators on a daily basis but once i explored this world i could not resist throwing my hat in the ring and hoping, hoping for an invitation. a vip - if you will - into this addition. into this world of inspiration. it's one giant place that does not take up space in my house or computer that i can save and display all the lovely things in find in the giant world wide web that i want to stare at, savour, soak in the inspiration from and one day attempt. it's perfect and i love it.

it's called pinterest and i am an addict. hi my name is jen and i have been a pinterest addict for months now. i am coming clean. i love this site. love it. i have "pinned" my boards with ideas for the home or crafting and recipes to savour or for your sweet tooth generously offered by other members or have procured some of my own blog or while exploring the web.

i am excited to soon launch a series here on my site called the best of pinterest where i will do something that i have pinned and that has inspired me. sharing all my pinterest goodies!!

have you started "pinning"?

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