for a good cause.

the number one reason for keeping chocolate chip cookie pucks in your freezer? so you can pull them out, pop them in the oven {still frozen!!!} while you are eating dinner and enjoy a warm chocolate chip cookie - with a scoop of ice cream if you are that lucky - after dinner.

on a cold fall night? are you kidding me? best dessert in town!

i have been following along { okay...obsessing really} with jaime oliver's new series on the food network - 30 minute meals. now it is quite similar to rachael ray's but just without all the butter and cream, more fresh herbs and more ingredients you are likely to find in your kitchen. i have done one meal plan of his already - jerk chicken in 30 minutes and it was lovely! the husband was skeptical you could make jerk in 30 but i think he was also impressed. this meal also introduced me to my new favorite was to make rice and i will be sharing that with you all shortly.

okay so enough yammering! go and make your self some cookies! make the dough, bake some off for an after-school treat then place some dough, pucked, in the freezer and thinking in the 30 minute meals way, bake off some cookies while having dinner so you can bite into a warm gooey cookie to round out dinner time.

what are you waiting for? why are you still reading? go on, go! now!

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