happy times and a city tour.

this weekend we took a road trip to burlington, ontario. i absolutely love it there! not only is it jam packed with lots of friends and some extended family, it is just down right beautiful. we always have a wonderful time whether it be just for the weekend or a one-night stay. and even though the mantra of late when taking a vacation with kids has been " it's not a vacation - it's a TRIP" this did feel like a vacation. this time we stayed at the waterfront and soak up all that it had to offer. i have really only seen the outskirts {where the husband's friends are}, never much of the downtown and was shocked at all it had to offer! we strolled the sea-walk, played in the park and even indulged in gelato -a real treat in october!!! this weekend the weather was absolutlely phenominal you couldn't help gaze about with wonderment thinking in your head "it's october 10th!! and we are worried about sun burns!! and eating ice cream outside at 8:30pm!". 

we took the jaw dropping drive along lakeshore to our friends house, gazing at the for sale signs and dreaming along the way of the day we could live here. something major would have to happen in our lives to make that dream come true but that's why they call them dreams, right?

we were fortunate enough to catch up with friends, meet some extended family for the first time and to be invited to a thanksgiving dinner to remember. you can't beat their location/property and the weather was so gorgeous that we were able to dine alfresco and the kids got to swim outside! swimming on thanksgiving!! who would have thought! and aydan jumped off of the diving board with no life jacket for the first time! who knew she could swim like that? or do such a good cannon ball? pretty proud moment. all in all an amazing time and we are already planning for the next visit. just wish the drive wasn't 6 hours.....as the husband said yesterday - it's just 2 hours too much.

hope to see you soon burlington!

ps: sorry for all the photo's, once again i find it hard to edit! i had to take the photo of the weeping willow - they are my absolute favorite and are everywhere in burlington. i think i might have to commission someone to paint one for me so i can have one with me always - i just love them so much! and those swimming photo's will be burned in to my heart forever. thanks for the great thanksgiving brian & marsha, couldn't imagine a better setting!!

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