turkey hand puppets.

with thanksgiving just around the corner {wait...it's october already?? what happened to sepember? geesh!} and with halloween coming on strong we had to do a craft to celebrate the turkey. the center piece of thanksgiving dinner. and since the only turkey's to enter this house would be of the crafting variety i thought i ought to display them proudly and share it with you.

for this craft you will need a simple amount of supplies. the first one is the most important - a set of perfectly sized little kids hands. now the larger varieties are okay of course but it's the smaller one that make for the cutest turkey's. then gather together construction paper, popsicle sticks, scissors {ask an adult to help here}glue and i found a stapler helped too.

trace the hands on coloured paper {i used brown but i went traditional and there are no rules! go punk if you want!}, cut them out, then cut out your feather shapes and glue them on. cut a little piece for a beak, dot on an eye and let them dry slightly. once dry place some glue on the top third of one side of the popsicle stick, stick on the back of the turkey and i then stapled the stick to the turkey for good measure. et voila!!! turkey hand puppets.

with these you could then decorate your house, your dinner table or encourage your kids to put on a show for your guest. have fun & happy thanksgiving!! xoxo

**update: this post was included in amber doty's report on babble.com "six easy fall crafts for kids". thanks amber!!

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