a blt+c

so in an effort to jazz up dinner and get out of our usual routine i took a quick scan of the contents of our freezer for what treasures might be lurking in there. i found a small pack of bacon and some chicken breasts.....hmmmm...what could i make of that? i got on my thinking cap and also spied some ripe tomatoes on the counter, beautiful grainy bread and some crisp lettuce ion the fridge. i got it! we haven't had a good blt in a while and with the addition of the chicken this could pass for dinner. yes. perfect.

so i gathered all my igredients and started on the delicious train.
boneless skinless chicken breast  - check.
2 slices of regular bacon each - check.
6 grain bread - check.
thick slices of tomatoes - check.
crisp lettuce - check.
grainy mustard - check......

oh heck! this is not a blt at all. a blt should be oozing mayo, stacked with bacon and you should be licking the grease off your fingers and if you do add chicken it should have the skin on it and it should be crackling.

but in these climates who can afford a true blt? and by these climates i am referring to my ever growing waistline and the husbands cholesterol problem which we have decided to fudge around with a little.

if you can please enjoy a fully stacked one for me but if you find yourself in our little dingy please enjoy our version instead. it is actually quite delicious.

blt + c.
for two sandwiches season your two chicken breast with pepper and a little mrs. dash seasoning {i know i should make my own spice blend but her's was right there.....} then bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes {alternately you could pan fry up your breast and if you are really daring you can do it after your bacon and use their drippings left in the pan!} when the chicken is done and resting fry up your four slices of bacon {you could go up to 4 slices per sandwich if you want}. once done place on a plate covered with paper towels and press out the grease. get four pieces of grainy bread and toast them {i half toast them because i find it leaves my mouth a little rough if they are fully toasted}. next assemble your sandwich. spread the grainy mustard on the bottom slice of the sandwich and slice your chicken on an angle and place on the bread. top with the bacon, then tomato {a little grind of pepper here} then the lettuce and then the top slice of bread {if you are daring add some mayo to the top slice before placing}. et voila! a dinner sandwich.

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