this year for halloween....

this year for halloween we had a blast. the day was filled with halloween type activities and capped off with a parade around the neighbourhood.


this year halloween produced the {sort-of} bride of frankenstein, dash from the incredible's & batman.

this year halloween was enjoyed by friends joining us to trick or treat.
this year we got to go to another haunted house and have cooper join us this time. he is still talking about the wolfman who tried to eat him. and i have yet to get him out of his costume.

this year we got a pretty good haul. 128 pieces each.
this year we have already planned our costumes for next year. bless them.

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Petit a Petit and family said...

Looks like you had fun... Our street was crazy I handed out over 3 pounds of candy and didn't have enough. My kids had a great time too, they were dressed as Partly Cloudy and the Shuffle Bot. But the way love those bloody cookies!