this christmas.

well it's done.
we had christmas.

we had a very little christmas this year  - no guest, just us four {well five with gordan but i didn't want to put 5 and start any rumours!!} that was almost put on hold because we had a rampant case of the galloping greedy gimmes hovering over head but those quickly left the building and the day went on. i think we need to figure out new gift receiving system around here because the one we adopted last sunday did not work at all. but needless to say we got through it, i got sick as a dog {which continued into the next day as well} and now we are all happy. and we got our white christmas. it was beautiful.

the kids did well.
each got almost what they asked for - well exactly what they asked for......


we got plenty of movies to tide us over.

board games as well.

the husband got spoiled.

and i didn't make out too bad myself.

we took advantage of a day full of falling snow and dragged ourselves to the toboggan hill.
i thought we were going to have to bribe the kids to go.
they went and had a blast.
gordon came too and since no one else was here he got to run around as well.
in the end the kids didn't want to leave but the stars were coming out.

we didn't have christmas dinner.
we were too full from the night before!
and the big breakfast. my mother taught me well.
plus we were feeling a little on the rotten side, so no christmas cheer even and off to bed!
all eyelids were shut tight at 10pm.

boxing day was exactly how it sounded.
figuring out where to put all these boxes of things!
spent time helping cooper and aydan clean their rooms - we all know how that goes.
felt so rotten after a while that i curled up and slept in a's room.
woke up and made that darn christmas dinner.
good dinner and - news flash! - coop liked most of what was on his plate!!
and aydan......you know, let's not go there. *sigh*

tuesday i felt like a new person.
tackled aydan's room again - moved furniture around to accommodate the barbie doll house.
when did i start catering to barbie?
saw all the pieces to everything and rushed to canadian tire for small bins - perfect.
beef dip for dinner and cooper discovered his love for celery! this kid is hilarious.
decided on a family movie night as no one had to be quarantined.
we picked home alone. was in aydan's stocking.
the kids are at that age now where we can branch out into more family-style movies and less animated.
it was well recieved and has now made it into our rotation.

the husband is home all week and we have already filled it up with as much family time as possible.
he gave the hot tub room a face lift. now about the rest of the house.......
tomorrow, the last christmas presents for the kids will be bought - new ice skates {thank you aunt shirley and uncle harvey!}
the temperature has dipped this week {well, starting last thursday} so there is happy progress happening on the side lawn.

and all colds and plagues seem to have left the building.

friday we are going to treat the kids to arthur christmas at the theater.
and spend a quiet new years at home. with chocolate cake.
and some bubbly.

tonight we watched night at the museum together and ate on tv tables {big deal!}.
gordon has been outside then inside it's hard to keep track. i have put a stop to it.
now i am listening to the wind blow around the snow.
thinking about crawling under the covers {i really need a lap top!}.
the husband is watching the canadians game.
i am waiting for the temperature to go to the predicted -24 {it's at -15 right now, was -1 at 9am today}.
and talking to you.

i think i'll say good-night.
thank you for spending this time with me.

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