the art of procrastination.

yes my to do list is a mile long.
yes i know you are all on your seats wondering what this basement is going to look like.
and i know i intrigued you with the thought of a sewing weekend.


it was so beautiful outside.
the sun was shining.
there were some snowflakes.
and kids.

so this is what we did instead.
afternoon well spent in my opinion.

and aydan came down in another gem of an outfit today....just had to share.

and now i have a variation of this bubbling on my stove. i changed out the juice since my pomegranate juice is hanging out in the car at the commuter train station. remember how i talked last year {ha! love saying that!} about not letting a hiccup interfere with your cooking - wish i could find that post. case in point right here. smells awesome!

now i am on my way back down.....

jut had to tell you what was up.
and now my story is all told.

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