a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.

i have been getting inspiration from all around me lately that it's amazing!
i'm so excited to get cracking on the improvements i want to do and am having a hard time not jumping into it all just yet.

impatient. that's the word.
the perfect word. exactly.

i found a perfect fabric on-line and i can make 4 panels for the living room for under $100 including shipping!!! if that's not inspiring i don't know what is!

turquoise seems to be calling my name more and more right now. loving the thought of using it as an accent colour.

tonight the husband is working late and coop is a little under the weather so the girls are going to craft it up. me with project life and ayd with the scrapbook she got for her birthday that has been burning a whole in our conversations for months. tonight it's time.

excited for this.
excited for her.

i know i am going to have a hard time letting her be her but i have to remember it's a snapshot of how she is now and that it's not my project. mine is my project. and i am excited to start on mine. but i still have to finish 2011. have to. but i might sneak into 2012 just for tonight.

sshh.....don't tell anyone.

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