embracing the cliche.

happy new year to you all.

can we talk for a minute? i mean really talk? or maybe can you just listen? thanks.

so i have been thinking for a while of what i want this blog to be. yes i love to compose a story, sound all witty and knock your socks of with use of a thesaurus. i have gone this way because i read other sites and they are so captivating when they write like this. draw you in - invite you into their story with such composure and whimsy. and yes i do have a knack for it and i love to challenge myself to tell a story in such a way that i give the impression that i know what i am talking about. but the thing is- that's just not me. that's not the girl you meet and think "wow i want to be her friend." - contrary to what you may think i don't talk like that in real life.

this being said i want to start off 2012 by adopting a new voice for this space of mine - my voice. i want to jump into talking to you as if you are in front of me. pick up our conversation where we left off. recount a story to you as if you just called me up on the phone and i had to let you in on what is going on around here. the theme will stay the same - food, crafts, life, kids, adventures, laughter, tears - but the tone will be more conversational - more of a real-life beat. also the husband has commented some weeks that he would love to have the life we have in the blog - void of all the messes of real life. what really happens around this town.
so i want to show that.
some of it.
most of it.
but - sorry - not all of it.
some of it is just for us.

you understand don't you?

i feel good about this.
i am happy with this.

now let's talk 2012. as with the start of every new year there are resolutions. everyone makes them and everyone breaks them. i try to not make them because i feel like you don't need a date to change something - if you want to change it you do, whenever.

i remember watching the biggest loser and one of the contestants saying how she always said "i'll start on monday - the diet starts then" then monday came and went and no diet. that really did make me think that if want something to change you change, no matter when.

the classic is new year's day when everyone makes there resolutions and "tries" to stick to them. i don't think i have ever made a resolution. after all this talk, though, i think i may have to change my tune. we took a family photo on new year's eve and i can't believe how unbelievably fat my face was!!! is!!! i know i need to exercise more {well exercise} and i know i love to show off my cooking and baking for you and of course someone has to eat it but i really didn't expect it to creep up on me and onto my face like that.

so world, hear me yell...i am making a resolution! i am going to lose those 15 {probably 20 now} extra pounds i have been carrying around. i am making a stand right here and hopefully i don't make up a list of excuses {which is probable} and i lose this weight. there - soapbox rant done.

also with the new year comes with picking my inspirational word for the year. this year i have chosen focus. and way at the back is my little word dare. i am hoping this year to focus. this word has been screaming at my from the mountain top since i can remember and this year i am going to embrace it and focus. focus on my kids, my husband, myself, this house, possibly a career - i don't know what but i am going to focus. also i want to dare myself. dare myself to get out of my comfort zone and do something. anything. double-dog dare myself to love more, learn more and be more.

for today though i am going to relish in the comfort of my house.

today i made coffee with our new coffee maker {how do appliance know to break when you have blown the budget on christmas presents and need replacing?}. i got us this beauty.

yesterday didn't go as planned and we ended up staying home. so....i cleaned out the pantry and re-organized it. makes me much more comfortable. {amazingly enough that is organized!!}

this is what the backyard looks like today - minus 16 and sun is shining.

and i have created my to-do list for this week.
kind of full and i hope i pull it off.

speaking of this i should go and knock a few things off it.

oh and last night i made this yummy yummy quiche!! smoked salmon and cream cheese - so good! using half egg whites + half whole eggs and skim milk, but an all-butter crust of course!

how is your week going? are you making any resolutions? tackling any big jobs?

talk to you soon!

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Hannah Pratt said...

I like the honest voice.