wanting to get it all done.....

today i woke with a sense of purpose.
today i was going to get things done.
i was dog tired though.like really really tired. but then i spied my to-do list and got my giddy-up on.

started on my new morning routine {well started yesterday} and it's not really my new routine; it's my old routine that i abandoned when the bakery started up and i never got back onto that chuck wagon.
i'm now back on.
i resisted finishing of the kids cheerios and am sticking with this. it really does fill me up and i do enjoy it. except i have found myself reaching for snacks when i am not even hungry, i just love taste.....and now we are back to the old flavour pill debate.....

wrapped the present for the party we are going to tomorrow.
wanted to get this out of the way rather than putting the last piece of tape on as we have one foot out the door.
present done - check!

took a break for some of this.
weather looked gorgeous out and couldn't resist.

and the other day we made him...isn't he fabulous? the first snowman i have ever initiated and completed almost solo - had some munchkin help.

zested and juiced my lemons...i will let you in on what i am doing with them next week....you are going to love it!

this has been my lunch for the past two days and i have found my new favorite thing! diced avocado's {i used 3}, seeded and diced tomatoes {a good amount - i used grape tomatoes this time but would probably use about 3 tomatoes}, diced green onions {2}, splash of lemon juice, 3 grind of pepper, some dry coleslaw, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. marinate all together for at least an hour. stuff into a pita or tortilla with leftover roast chicken and some lettuce. or scoop out with tortilla chips. so yum!! wished for a chilli, some cilantro and white beans to add. maybe next time.

made this cake. i called it a blueberry muffin cake to the kids; we had a birthday boy over & i had no idea it was his birthday! surprise!! i was not about to give them all chocolate cake and i thought this was a good alternative...still had a sense of occasion about it - i put a candle on it and everything!
guess who didn't eat it?? she's is relentless!!!

sent off gift prints off to costco. i created a print for some friends and got one from here for valentines.
yes i could have made the second but she had it all done and made it downloadable......thank you! check!

patched the holes in the main floor bath. check!
unfortunately the towel rod got pulled off the wall.
i will not point any fingers.....little j%#&s!
my goal this summer is to make-over this room. tout seule {all alone}. hopefully.

rod hockey tournament tonight with my favorite little man. total blast. + had grease 2 on in the background. now who could argue with this? stellar night.

yes there were a couple things i didn't get to: my journaling cards are written, my weekly photo's weren't submitted, i didn't paint the ceiling of the bathroom {didn't realize i was doing that as well!} and my curtains are still fabric hanging from the rod but i will hopefully get to them this weekend between the weekly shop, the birthday party, the sunday skating party {vicki - you gals want to come??} and spending time with the fam dam.
finger's crossed i get things done. double crossed.

what are your plans this weekend?
running the hamster wheel as well?
that's enough for now...i'll tell you about wednesday night's adventure next week.
happy weekend!!

**thinking of all you ladies at alt and wishing i could be there to meet and greet and get inspired!!!


Maggie May said...

Good job! It is so true- no matter how much we do there are always things left undone. I try to stay focused on the progress ... :)

Jen said...

thank you...that's my word for 2012 - focus - and you are so true. we just had the best weekend and i didn't dwell on what was not done {although i did glance at the list once or twice!} i just focused on what got done and what was ahead. we went to a birthday party, got delivery pizza {big deal here...mom loosened the purse strings haha} had a family mario kart/rod hockey tournament, had people over today for a skate, enjoyed some wine last night and now i feel good for the week ahead. hoping to cross off those last things before adding to the list!!! hope you have a good week ahead as well! xo