a funny thing happened on our way to school.....

we found ourselves at the lake!!
the frozen-over lake.

i have been wanting to come down here all season and take a stroll on the ice.
we made it down last year at the end of winter to check it out and to discover it was frozen over.
this does not happen in vancouver.
i was excited.
i vowed this year we would take advantage and get down here for a skate and .......here we find ourselves at the end of winter {today it's supposed to go to 8 degrees!} finally down here and have not had that skate yet.
since it looks like we will be here for another winter i can hope for next year....i guess.

copper loved it.
gordon was weary and wanted off......NOW!
and i saw some rather large cracks that were making me nervous {even though the lake was scattered with cars and huts}.
so we took our leave.
cooper found a snow hill he pretended was a pirate ship and had fun there.
he's a pretty fun guy.

we did make it to school and got registered for kindergarten.
i can't believe it.
doesn't seem real or even possible.

got the car washed.
coop and his little friend thought that was quite the experience.being in the car while the water sprayed all around us. squealing with laughter at the thoughts of the water actually getting in the car.
coop was saying "look it's a little necklace" as we were leaving the car wash and i couldn't figure out what he was talking about.
then i saw it.
the little pearl necklace of water drops on the windshield.
i wonder what that means about him that he saw that and identified it with something.
..........he has been asking me to go back ever since.

we got aydan from school and came home for some hot chocolate.
disney princess stamps tic-tac-toe.
and wrestling guys.

and washed the floor, cinderella style.
coop helped......thank goodness.

i got my picture in a frame.
my own princess peach courtesy of aydan.
i love framed original art.
and it helps that the artist is pretty special as well. and that it & she is one of a kind.
it will add that special touch to my dining room when i get the picture shelves up.

off to put up my curtain rod....wish me luck!


dinner music.

i LOVE the i am sam soundtrack. 
love it.
and i love aimee mann - so to me this song rocks.
it's wonderful to have on while dining, doing dishes and surfing the net.
to quote the immortal words from yo gabba gabba: try it...you'll like it.
trust me.

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