project: diy heart-felt valentines garland.

well i did it.
i have been wanting to do it for years and finally just did it.
there were dishes to be done, laundry to be folded and dinner to be made but i carved out some time and got down to this project.
i have been carrying this bundle of felt around with me through three different house moves with this plan in my mind and i always find myself on the eve of the holiday with no completed project in sight.

i love it, i love it, i love it!

i have made three of them that are approximately 75 hearts long each and i love having them around.
this might become my new signature holiday look and i can't wait to make other themed garlands.
i am so excited and happy about this right down to the tips of my toes!!!

here's how i did it:
first thing gather up all your felt then cut a strip, fold in half and cut out half a heart, unfold and you have a whole one!

now just keep doing that and you end up with this:

this picture reminds me of gambling chips.....let it all ride on red! bet it all!! haha.

then place one heart in the sewing machine, start then reverse then keep going........

when you come to the end of one heart feed the next one through and keep going like this. **there are no rules or patterns here....make your own, i was switching it up all the way through. plus all my hearts are different sizes and i love that - gives it the real homemade touch, my touch.

when you get to the very end - your last heart in the string -  remember to do a reverse switch to seal your thread so the whole thing doesn't unravel on you!!

last step - find the perfect place, string it up, admire it and pat yourself on the back......you made it. you.


this movie has stuck with me.
i really really want to see it.
yes he is not a good actor but i love rachael mcadams and i love the idea of it.
to have the chance to fall in love with your husband again? magical.
i absolutely love and adore my husband...don't get me wrong...there is just something about discovering love. it's touching and lovely. i remember our story like it was yesterday & i wouldn't change a moment of it. he is my intended.

maybe one day i will share our journey into love with you all.......i think i just might......


Jen C said...

These are so so so sweet! Love how bright and cheery they are.

Jen said...

thanks jen! i have wanted to make them forever and so glad i did but i think now i have to make some for everyday times...i don't want to take them down! keep smiling!

Lisa Sperling said...

What a lovely idea! I especially love the photo of the stacked hearts - wow! They're so many!! It turned out beautifully!

yummynwt said...

i love that look! and I would love to buy some already made?...no time right now to make them myself!!..
could this be something you could do?

Jen said...

hey yummy....for sure i could make some for you, email me privately and lets get that going....maybe i have an etsy store in the works here....hhmmm......wouldn't that be exciting???