there is a title in here somewhere.....

you know when you have something to share and you want to get it out there desperately but you can come up with a clever title - that hook if you will - that maybe declaring you have no title at all is the title?

yeah....let's go with that.

let's get you caught up, shall we?

friday started as any other day in this house.
but things were looking up a bit because i was starting to see the grass poke through the snow.
was spring around the corner?
then about 3pm it started to snow. and snow. and snow.
i thought it was weird because it was +4 outside and usually you didn't get snow at that temp. oh well i shrugged my shoulders and carried on.

the husband came home and the kids were excited to go out and play in it. so out we went.
and we shot this little video.......i'm behind the camera.........

yep. that happened. me vs. snowball.
the unfortunate part of that video is that i turned the record off - it actually got funnier as i was rolling around on the snowy ground - vidoe in one hand, slr camera in the other, gordon leaping around me trying to figure out what had just gone down.
not my shinning moment. but is well worth a chuckle. actually i laughed till there were tears in my eyes.
so go on, don' worry about my feelings, i know you want to laugh that hard. if you have to, play it again. like a good wine it seems to get better with age.

after all the commotion and a bit of bickering we got this shot of us lot out in the snow.

saturday didn't start out so great as i broke one of my favorite plates...only two more to go! haha
10 years was a good run for the plate i think. {i just wish they weren't so gosh darn expensive now!!!}

saturday became one of those days where you just take it off...like no grocery, no work for the husband....just off. and it was delicious. a wonderful home day.
we FINALLY opened one of coop's christmas presents {why bother right?} and set it up....they had hours {!} of fun...no joking.

i got my new drapes up in the dining room......

then we got the silly notion of making homemade onion rings.
got a little carried away and threw in some pickles and asparagus spears {those ended up being my favorites!} and got EVEN more carried away and made enough for the whole neighbourhood! we didn't eat nearly all of them and ended up in a deep fried coma.

ended the night with super 8. pretty good little movie.

sunday was a day filled with catching up for doing nothing on saturday.
but it was also home to what the husband believed to be the last skate of the season.

and guess who let go of the support and skate around on his own!!! so proud of that little one.

and i got coop to eat one of my favorite snacks as a kid....bugs on a log!

i noticed too that my kids do not eat at all what i had as a kid...i don't think they ever have had cottage cheese and i LIVED off the stuff...it's interesting how diet changes when you have someone else in your life {meaning the husband...he didn't grow up with me!!!}

leftovers and the oscars ended our weekend for us.....plus a victory on the husbands side - he always wins at games and trivia!

then monday started with wacky hair day at school....

or lord! is this a sign about the week ahead.

{is it obvious i am reading a novel set in ireland by an actual irish person?}

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