one of those days.

it's one of those days.
the stay under my covers with my book kind of days.
a get lost in the wonder of netflicks kind of days.
those want to do nothing but the to-do list is a mile long and i have to get things done kind of days.
the last day of the outdoor rink kind of days.
beautiful out yet still so cold kind of days.
i know i have a cold lingering somewhere in my body and i just wish it would get on with it already kind of days!
a trip to walmart on sunday sucked me into the chocolate easter egg section and they have been calling for me all day. it's one of those kinds of days where i could eat it all {but would be so SICK after and i keep focus on that}
enjoyed some time outside in the sun & snow before temper tantrums dictated our return to the indoors kind of days.

with all this i decided to work on my project life in photoshop.
and since i do this all by the seat of my pants {manual? we don't need no stinking manual!} i was happy it actually worked out. i don't think i could have added THAT to this kind of day.

i also have something for you all i was working on but i'll let you in on that tomorrow.
not on this day.
this is not that kind of day.

i have to go and fix dinner....oh crap! i forgot to pull out the chicken!
{this is not my day.}

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