our weekend through the iphone lens.

so here i am....talking about the weekend again.
but this time i am talking about this previous weekend. the weekend we had to spend out of the house. the weekend that the husband did some freelance work that earned enough dough for some much needed air-conditioning for this house.

that's what i am talking about.

this weekend was gray. drizzly. cold. so naturally we did what most people {just not us} do - we went to the movies!! we have been wanting to see the lorax after pouring over the trailer for months on imdb.com.  also i wanted to try out the iphone. we just got it and i am very new at it. very new. but it does save me from carrying around my huge camera, which i normally do. and my husband thinks i look like a dork when i do.
so today i tried to seem cool. hip.
i even went as far to upload my facebook status - AT THE THEATER i might add -  saying that we were at the lorax...only this is what i wrote:
Just saw the lorazepam with my kidlets , great show!
it had auto-corrected it for me.
i had no idea. that's how i am not cool or hip anymore.
then i had no idea how to deleted, so i just rolled with it. it's how we roll.
{that's my new favorite written ugh word. i read it somewhere and it fits. just seems to sum it up.}

the movie didn't disappoint. we really enjoyed it. loved it. the kids left signing the final song.
love THAT.

we did though get there a little early as we had a stop to make on the way {those hockey skates don't sharpen themselves you know!} and i wasn't sure if there would be a jam up.
while we waited at the theater we played in this.....

it was hilarious! aydan did it twice as coop wasn't sure the first time - she almost did a runner too - but then coop wanted to join in and i said "why not? what's 2 more bucks on top of all this?".
{i took the video with the iphone too...and uploaded it to youtube while AT the theater. i'm getting it.}

on the way home we stopped by the mall to get the husband some new kicks and dropped by h&m for the kids. we had to hustle because EVERYTHING, including wal-mart, {except grocery stores} closes at 5pm on saturdays. puts a bit of a wrench in your plans sometimes.
once we got something for everyone but me { :( } we headed home for a delicious dinner and family time.

 we got kicked out sunday as well.

today we had to RETURN daddy's shoes {a little small} - that's what happens when the person REFUSES to go to the store.....

stop by the pet store,

go and have some lunch,

do some yoga in costco,
i looked over and they were actually doing this. then aydan preceded to tell me as we exited that when doing yoga like that you are supposed to float. so says the legend. her exact words.

and then home to play the game we got at toys r us.

and say thank you to uncle harvey and aunt shirley for the card & $$$ to buy the coveted little pet shops. they never tire of those things!!

i'm so impressed with the phone and the pics & video we got!!  going to be using this more often.

and now to concentrate on the week ahead.
monday was very productive {i painted the bathroom ceiling! the - almost - finishing touch.} let's see what we can get done today, shall we?
well......now that i am doing writing this.....


Lisa said...

Loved reading about your weekend - it sounds and looks like so much fun! Congratulations on the iPhone - the pictures/videos turned out great! What an adorable family you've got!

Jen said...

Thank you Lisa. I like them too! Haha. More iPhone adventures to come!